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Imperial is a wine and snack bar located in the heart of Oslo — Youngstorget. Here we invite you to sample our selection of high-quality bar snacks; curated by Brits and fully exploiting a nose to tail ethos to fully respect the fine produce we are very grateful to receive to The Tea Room, our fine-dining restaurant. The snacks will evolve in-line with the seasonal changes in the restaurant’s ever changing menu.

The bar holds the finest offering of wines from across the world, handpicked and lovingly served by our team. Besides wine, beers and non-alcoholic options are also available.

The showrunners, and good friends indeed, chef Luke Henderson along with sommelier Jefferson Goldring, met a few years ago whilst working at the Oslo based 3-star restaurant Maaemo. There they quickly bonded over their shared passion for high-quality honest food; as well as their undying love for small furred animals.

Today they are proud to welcome you into their colonial styled, tea sipping, warmhearted living room that is Imperial.

Luke Henderson

Chef Luke Henderson has an extensive range of experience from fine dining restaurants.

Starting his career at the age of 16, he has worked up an impressive resumé, working in respected restaurants such as The Hand and Flowers⋆⋆, The Laughing Heart and Maaemo⋆⋆⋆.

Luke is trained in traditional craftmanship and uses it to put a unique touch on his high-end cooking. By blending traditional dishes with elegant flavours, he creates food for the soul.

His heartfelt passion for tea and the art of “teatime”, reflects the overall atmosphere in both the winebar and the restaurant.

Jefferson Goldring

Jefferson Goldring is a renowned sommelier from Manchester, U.K. He has made an impressive name for himself, working in acclaimed restaurants in both the U.K and Scandinavia including spells at Maaemo⋆⋆⋆, Under⋆ and Northcote Manor⋆. Whilst also having short internships at Fäviken Magasinet⋆⋆ and The Fat Duck⋆⋆⋆.

At the age of 29, Jefferson has accumulated over 10 years of experience in hospitality.

He appreciates the intricacies of every wine - the winemaking, the geography and the history. With his passionate and gentle approach Jefferson encourages his guests to join him in a conversation.


Youngs gate 11
Oslo, Norway

Opening Hours

Wednesday–Friday: 17-LATE

Saturday: 17–LATE

*Take-away also available.

Call (+47)23 65 33 10 or just drop-by!

Kitchen Hours

Tuesday–Thursday: 17–23.00

Friday–Saturday: 17-23.00

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